What I remember:

MCQ was worse than expected. I couldn’t produce calculations to match answers for a few questions which I considered quite easy at the beginning 😦

Q1 Working Capital – 10m attempted a&c
Cash Budget 5m
Quick ratio – 2 m only put down the formula
Invest cash surplus in shares – 3m

Q2 Business valuation – 10m hardly wrote anything
Conversion market value vs redeemable – 5m
P/E ratio share price – 5m

Q3 – risks – 10m attempted all 3 parts
Fwd market hedge
Interest rate calc
explain why invoicing in local currency was good or bad to avoid exchange rate risk

Q4 Investment appraisal – 15m attempted both parts
NPV calc –
Two revisions –

Q5 – WACC – 15m – attempted both parts
WACC market value & book value – 9m
Right issue to raise finance – 6m